A Dazzling Ramadan Night on Plaza Rooftop!

2021-04-05 14:16:03

Of the entire unique month of Ramadan, its nights are the most memorable. And they can be made all the more enchanting only at the rooftop of Triumph Plaza Hotel where you can marvel at the amazing view of surrounding gardens and the spacious streets of Heliopolis all around. The pleasure is multiplied by the hospitality and elegance added by Rihana Tent designed to treat you to the most special Ramadan atmosphere and overwhelming tastes.   Ramadan is known for its family gatherings; Iftar and Suhoor treats for friends and sharing with everyone in the community, especially at Iftar time. You can now have all the fun of gathering with your friends, family and coworkers at an extraordinary ambiance with refined services, delicious food variety, and relaxed surroundings.   Feel free to chill at the hotel’s spacious, luxurious lounges, with a selection of special Ramadan drinks like Karkade (Hibiscus), Amar El Din, Sobia and many more of our beloved oriental drinks and fresh juices served around the hour. Plaza menus boast a wide variety of popular dishes and cuisines that will satisfy your every wish and taste, taking the hassle of preparation off your shoulder and allowing you to journey smoothly through the night.   Indulge in the much-loved Hot and Cold Mezzas including Vine Leaves, Hummus, Ghannouj and many others. Pick a healthy and filling grills plate, head for the pasta and noodles varieties or opt for our flavorsome Tajins. Don’t miss the Shawarma stations and sausages prepared a la Alexandrian for the lovers of the characteristic local spice and crisp. Complete the delight with a fresh fruit platter, an oriental dessert of your choice, or simply go for our amazing pudding assortments.   When you’re done with your Iftar and Suhoor in the beautiful weather and open-air area, you can relax by the pool in a mesmerizing light and atmosphere with additional privacy and a calm mood. You may want to capitalize on the hotel’s perfect location in the heart of the city, add the final touch to your cultural night at Rihana Tent and swerve smoothly the very authentic Korba area, located 10 mins away, and surround yourself with the singularly beautiful architecture of the area – which can only be paralleled by the Downtown area. You’ll find many shops to get an ice cream scoop and take a beautiful walk or sit and chill quickly at the many modern and original style cafes available in the area. Alternatively, you can head home and relax just as fast, with the hotel being literally close to almost anywhere you could be heading.   So, treat yourself to this one-of-a-kind Ramadan night and let Triumph Plaza Hotel show you sides of the city you haven’t seen yet.