Triumph Plaza Hotel…The Best Destination to Enjoy Eid Al-Adha!

2021-07-18 14:31:58

Starting from the most hospitable welcome upon arrival, to entertainment programs, and a children’s festival, we guarantee you fun that far exceeds your expectations for Eid Al-Adha vacation that you will only find at Triumph Plaza Hotel in the heart of Heliopolis.


The moment you make your reservation at Triumph Plaza, you open the door to unlimited advantages that give you a new definition of luxury to make your vacation outstanding and memorable.


The journey of fun and happiness starts the moment you arrive at the hotel, where we receive our Triumph Plaza guests with utmost welcome, hospitality, and signature drinks.


As for our restaurants, you’ll find the perfect culinary varieties, matching every taste, with palatable dishes that take you around the world right from the comfort of your place, presented by top-notch chefs, and transporting you to a fancy world of pleasures, before the most superior view in Heliopolis and the marvelous ambiance at all times.


We pay special care to our little loved ones, who are guaranteed to have a lot of fun, with complimentary gifts upon arrival, a magician’s show and a puppet show on the third day of Eid, as well as activities and face painting stations that leaves no kid without enjoying an unforgettable experience.


To further add to the hospitality and fun, a complementary spa access is offered to two adults at Triumph Plaza Hotel’s spa, for each reservation, to provide you with unmatched relaxation, and leave you rejuvenated at the hands of the highest qualified professionals.


Because we devote attention to the smallest details, to ensure a unique, immersive experience of flawless delights, Triumph Plaza Hotel offers you free parking throughout your stay at the hotel.


It’s impossible to overlook the vital location of Triumph Luxury Hotel at the heart of Heliopolis, getting you steps closer to a world of heritage sites topped by the historical Baron Empain Palace, only minutes away from the hotel premises.