Triumph Plaza Awarded Travelers’ Choice by Its Visitors

2021-06-22 11:38:19

Triumph Plaza Hotel couldn’t be prouder to share the news of its selection among TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice. The hotels in this category were picked based on visitor reviews, reflecting the entire experience of their stay at the facility.


Triumph Plaza Hotel gathers the comfort of perfectly convenient rooms with a prime location near universities, the classic Heliopolis area, Cairo International Airport, and the downtown attractions of Cairo. It is an unquestionable choice for businessmen planning a convention with fellow partners, and for families planning a break from the fast Cairo beat.


With a roof restaurant overlooking lush green scenes and highlighting the perfect Cairo weather, various halls, and a top-notch spa featuring the most amazing aromatic massages and treatments, Triumph Plaza Hotel is the perfect spot for young couples and families who like to go for a quick change.


We join you hand in hand as you plan your wedding, birthday, or special occasion, adding to your creative tastes and turning them into a reality with the help of the best suppliers in town and upped to the highest professional standards.


As with our hotelier tradition, our recent Eid and Easter celebrations featured endless surprises for our adult and young visitors alike, spreading the colorful spirit and scrumptious tastes known to express celebration in the Egyptian culture and introducing our guests to a marvelous stay.


Whatever you do, you are sure to have a superb time at Triumph Plaza Hotel!

(with special rates guaranteed when you book through our website.)