An Unforgettable Ramadan Experience at Triumph Luxury Hotel’s Al Hara Tent

2021-03-05 22:03:57

Times passes but what we carry along are the memories made on special occasions and vibrant times imbued with a culture like the Ramadan night Iftar and Suhoor banquets, and Triumph Luxury Hotel guarantees a Ramadan experience that lives up to this promise. Be it a family gathering or a company one, the spirit of oneness fills the air and adds a new, rich flavor imbued with heritage to any ordinary get-together. Ramadan is a month observed by the majority of Middle Easterners where Muslims fast for the entirety of the day, refraining from eating or drinking from sunrise till dawn and doing their best to do acts of giving and live the best version of themselves. It is for that reason that the month is filled with a community spirit reflected in the many Iftar and Suhoor gatherings characterized by the sharing of food and compliments. Over the years, the way people celebrate it has developed from the colorful Ramadan lanterns and lights to particularly festive arrangements as colleagues, relatives, and neighbors delve into riveting spirits and celebrations of their authentic culture. From tents featuring live oriental music to Tannoura shows and the games famously played at the Mouled celebrations of Prophet Mohamed’s Birthday. This Ramadan, in addition to sharing the communal spirit, you can play a little shooting game and win delightful little prizes, show off your muscles in a strength game, or join the Tahteeb dance at Triumph Luxury’s Al-Hara Tent, voted the best Ramadan Tent last year on Scoop Empire’s Readers’ Choice Award. You can also simply enjoy the magnificent decorations and lighting, taking the best and most memorable photos with your companions in a once-in-a-lifetime extravaganza. And while you enjoy the amazing line up of live entertainers and singers, and live the experience of an original Egyptian Hara alley when all was about sharing and supporting your community, you can build everlasting bonds with your family and invest in a value network nurtured in a relaxed and luxurious setting. Alongside all of this, you will relish in the pleasant tastes of the renowned and exclusive Ramadan drinks like Qmar El-Din, assorted desserts, and fresh fruit platters, in addition to a mouthwatering variety of oriental dishes and spicy flavors available in set menus and open buffet stations. The Hara additionally features our rich heritage delicacies like Hummus El Sham, Beleela and Zalabia. So, all you have to do is dress up to the occasion, preferably with an oriental touch to complement the spectacular ambiance, put on your most upbeat spirit, and have loads of fun and games in a night you will never forget at Triumph Luxury Hotel